Everything rests on a knife-edge. This is going to the brink.

It’s deep in extra time, but we still haven’t seen any actual offers for 2020 cuts by rich countries, on which the whole deal would hinge.

Now we hear that some countries are insisting on a plenary vote on the current draft declaration. At the current state of debate we can’t expect agreement. But if the talks collapse it might be better than the weak political deal on the table now, which spells suicide for millions in the world’s poorest countries.

The US has delayed its press conference, and we’re still awaiting news on the outcome of the US-China bilateral – although by all accounts it’s been fairly heated.

At least it appears that despite the underhand tactics used to divide them, the developing world is still largely holding together: but when survival is at stake, things get very serious.

A decision to take this to a replay, reconvening what they would call COP15 bis might be the best outcome. The rich world has to realise, as Mary Robinson said at the Scotland side event on Monday, that our survival is at stake too. We can only address climate change if we own up to our historic responsibility, make deep domestic emissions cuts, and pay reparations for the historic climate debt.