There are still pages upon pages of COP decisions to read and analyse, but I’m about to catch my train out of Copenhagen. Any further updates will be posted on the Friends of the Earth Scotland website at

I hope you’ve found my updates useful and maybe even occasionally entertaining. I’ve enjoyed blogging for you during the past week.

I’m sad to be leaving Copenhagen¬†without being able to report any big gains for the planet and the climate.

But we can conclude that hope remains for a negotiated solution which is fair and sustainable.

The efforts of climate deniers to undermine the whole process have been stymied.

The movement for climate justice – bridging civil society and many countries – has come centre stage at Copenhagen, giving developing countries the confidence to express their aspirations clearly and firmly within the UN system.

When talks reconvene next year a fair, ambitious and binding deal can still be delivered.

Have a happy Christmas, and a Cool New Year.